168th Infantry

The 34th Infantry Division has a proud history of service to our country during eras of two world wars and the global war on terror.


The document sections which are linked to this 'cover page' are the edited transcriptions (see Note below) of official field reports. They were provided to the Association by the Iowa Gold Star Museum with the assistance of our Council Bluffs Chapter.
-Pat Skelley

Note: What is an "edited transcription"?

Let me answer the 'transcription' part first with my usual disclaimer: The documents as presented here are - within the limits of my vision, alertness, and spell checker - a fair rendering of the original; but it is not a "true copy".     'Legal' it is not; 'Useful' it should be.

'Edited' excuses my attempts to set a standard of style for what appears in the web-based historical records I'm preparing: matters of punctuation, capitalization, spelling, and of formats for dates, times, numbers, and unit designations. The style guide is evolving, and the press of time to place something online means that - even then - the guide is sometimes not quite adhered to.

Beyond that, there are cases where I've chosen to add or 'tune' what is presented: changing or questioning a word, expanding acronyms or identifying parent units, adding a bit of information I thought helpful. All of these are shown [thus] in 'square brackets'.
-Pat Skelly



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