2nd Brigade Combat Team

The 34th Infantry Division has a proud history of service to our country during eras of two world wars and the global war on terror.


Nov- A Partial History, 168th Infantry Regiment


May- 133rd Infantry, 34th Infantry Division

May 1- Tunisian Operations, 168th Infantry.pdf

Sept 29- 133rd Infantry History

Oct 1945- 133rd Infantry Narrative History

2011 Afghanistan Deployment

Feb.- Mission Focused, Warrior Ready.pdf, GX Magazine, p.66

March- The Red Bulls Ride, GX Magazine.pdf, (page 40)

April- Red Bulls [1-133 Inf] help protect Afghanistan border.pdf, Freedom Watch Afghanistan

June 22- For Soldiers, Death Sees No Gender Lines, New York Times, 124th MP Co was under Ironman Battalion

Nov. 10- Iowa Soldiers Remember Afghanistan, Iowa Public TV

2nd Brigade Claims to fame


Additional 2nd Brigade Resources

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- Facebook: 1-168th Infantry (Air Assault), 34th Infantry (Red Bull) Division
- Blog: Red Bull Rising
- Wikipedia

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