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34ID WWII Units

  • Headquarters, 34th Infantry Division
  • 133rd Infantry Regiment
    100th Infantry Battalion (Nisei)(Separate) [assigned Naples-Foggia, Anzio, Rome-Arno]
  • 135th Infantry Regiment
  • 168th Infantry Regiment
    168th Commandos
  • 442nd Regimental Combat Team [attached Rome-Arno]
    100th Infantry Battalion
    232nd Engineer (Combat) Company
    442nd Medical Detachment
    522nd Field Artillery Battalion (105mm)
  • 34th Division Artillery
    125th Field Artillery Battalion (105mm) (normally in support of the 133rd Inf. Regt.)
    151st Field Artillery Battalion (105mm) (normally in support of the 135th Inf. Regt.)
    175th Field Artillery Battalion (105mm) (normally in support of the 168th Inf. Regt.)
    185th Field Artillery Battalion (155mm)
  • 34th Cavalry Reconnaissance Troop (Mechanized)
  • 109th Engineer (Combat) Battalion
  • 109th Medical Battalion
  • 34th Division Special Troops
    Headquarters, Special Troops, 34th Division
    34th Infantry Division Headquarters Company
    34th Infantry Division Band
    Military Police Platoon, 34th Division
    34th Counter-Intelligence Detachment [attached]
    34th Quartermaster Company
    34th Signal Company
    734th Ordnance (Light Maintenance) Company

Attached 34ID WWII Units

  • Jewish Infantry Brigade (attached Occupation)
  • A Company, 2nd Chemical Warfare Battalion (attached Naples-Foggia)
  • 35th Quartermaster War Dog Platoon (attached North Apennines)
  • 38th Infantry Scout Dog Platoon (attached Occupation)
  • 72nd Signal Company (Special) (attached Naples-Foggia)
  • 84th Chemical Mortar Battalion (attached North Apennines)
  • 100th Chemical Mortar Battalion (attached North Apennines, Po Valley)
  • 105th AAA Automatic Weapons Battalion (Self-Propelled) (attached Naples-Foggia)
  • 107th Coast Artillery Battalion (AAA Automatic Weapons) Battalion (attached Tunisia)
  • A Company, 191st Tank Battalion (attached Naples-Foggia)
  • 2nd Battalion, 351st Infantry Regiment (attached North Apennines)
  • 432nd AAA Automatic Weapons Battalion (attached North Apennines)
  • 435th AAA Automatic Weapons Battalion (Self-Propelled) (attached Anzio)
  • 443rd AAA Automatic Weapons Battalion (Self-Propelled) (attached Tunisia)
  • 751st Tank Battalion (attached Tunisia)
  • 752nd Tank Battalion (attached Rome-Arno, North Apennines, Po Valley, Occupation)
  • 753rd Tank Battalion (attached Rome-Arno)
  • 757th Tank Battalion (attached North Apennines)
  • 776th Tank Destroyer Battalion (attached Naples-Foggia)
  • 804th Tank Destroyer Battalion (attached North Apennines)
  • 807th Tank Destroyer Battalion (attached North Apennines)
  • 813th Tank Destroyer Battalion (attached Tunisia)
  • 894th Tank Destroyer Battalion (attached Rome-Arno)


    The 100th Infantry Battalion (Nisei)(Separate), which was assigned in place of the 2nd Battalion, 133rd Infantry, from September 1943 through May 1944, and the 442nd Infantry Regiment (Nisei) which was attached to our Division from June 1944 through August 1944, have an especially honored place in our memories and history. We are pleased and likewise honored that many of their veterans have come to look upon the "Red Bull" as their 'home' division.
    The 1st Ranger Battalion, though not a part of the 34th Inf Div, was activated in 1942 with 80% of its personnel coming from this Division.
    Please be aware, that unit attachments were often for periods of days or weeks, but generally not for an entire campaign.

    The Distinctive Unit Insignia (DUI) collection below represents the major units of the Division during World War II. Smaller units, such as Band, HQ, MP, Ord, QM, Recon, and Signal did not have their own DUI, but wore that of the Division.
    The DUI shown for the 109th Medical Battalion is the one currently authorized. We have not been able to get a good image of the WW II design.
    We've included the crest of our colleagues, the 442nd Infantry, in this collection: their 100th Infantry Battalion was assigned to the Division from Salerno through Rome. We then became again a "square division" (four regiments): the 442nd joined with us for the summer of '44 north of Rome, staying until they headed over to Southern France.

    34th Infantry

    133rd Infantry

    125th Field Artillery
    109th Engineer

    135th Infantry

    151st Field Artillery
    109th Medical

    168th Infantry

    175th Field Artillery
    442nd Infantry

    185th Field Artillery


Post-9/11 34ID units

1st Armored Brigade Combat Team
34th Combat Aviation Brigade
347th Regional Support Group
84th Troop Command
Division Headquarters and Headquarters Battalion 

Post-9/11 34ID Aligned For Training units

1-112th Security & Support Battalion, ND National Guard
1-183rd Aviation Battalion, Idaho National Guard
1-189th Aviation Battalion, Mont. National Guard
115th Fires Brigade, Wyo. National Guard
116th Heavy Brigade Combat Team, Idaho National Guard
141st Maneuver Enhancement Brigade, ND National Guard
157th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade, Wis. National Guard
196th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade, SD National Guard
2nd Brigade Combat Team, Iowa National Guard
32nd Infantry Brigade Combat Team, Wis. National Guard




Commander's Own group photo

Commander's Own

The Commander's Own Chapter is collocated with the 34th Infantry Division headquarters in Rosemount Minnesota.

Council Bluffs group photo

Council Bluffs

The Council Bluffs-based chapter is about forty members strong.

Des Moines group photo

Des Moines

The Des Moines Chapter is headquartered at the Iowa Goldstar Museum at Camp Dodge Joint Maneuver Training Center.

First Minnesota

First Minnesota

The First Minnesota Chapter was formed by Soldiers of the Mankato-based 2-135 Infantry.

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