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The Medal of Honor is the United States of America's highest and most prestigious personal military decoration that may be awarded to recognize U.S. military service members who distinguished themselves by acts of valor.

Civil War

Joseph Burger 2nd Minnesota, (2-136)
Clinton Albert Cilly 2nd Minnesota, (2-136)
William A. Clark 2nd Minnesota, (2-136)
James Flannigan 2nd Minnesota, (2-136)
Milton Hanna 2nd Minnesota, (2-136)
Lovilo N. Holmes 2nd Minnesota, (2-136)
John G. Merritt 1st Minnesota, (2-135)
Henry D. O'Brien 1st Minnesota, (2-135)
Byron E. Pay 2nd Minnesota, (2-136)
Alonzo H. Pickle 1st Minnesota, (2-135)
Axel Hayford Reed 2nd Minnesota, (2-136)
Marshall Sherman 1st Minnesota, (2-135)
John Vale 2nd Minnesota, (2-136)
James A. Williamson 4th Iowa, (1-168)
Samuel Wright 2nd Minnesota, (2-136)

World War II

Robert Booker 34/133, 9 Apr 43
Ernest H. Dervishian 34/135, 8 Jan 45, [3]
William W. Galt 34/168, 29 May 44
George J. Hall 34/135, 23 May 44 [3]
Mikio Hasemoto 34/133/100/B, 29 Nov 43
Shizuya Hayashi 34/133/100/A, 29 Nov 43
Yeiki Kobashigawa 34/133/100/B, 2 Jun 44 (TheDesertBulls, 070615)
Kaoru Moto 34/442/100/C, 7 Jul 44
Sadao S. Munemori 34/442/100/A, 5 April 1945 [per Ashcraft, however, 100th not attached to 34ID on this date.]
Kiyoshi Muranaga 34/442/2/F, 26 Jun 44
Shinyei Nakamine 34/442/100/B, 2 Jun 44
William Nakamura 34/442/2/G, 4 Jul 44
Beryl R. Newman 34/133, 26 May 44
Allan Ohata 34/133/100/B, 29-30 Nov 43
Frank Ono 34/442/2/G, 4 Jul 44
Kazuo Otani 34/442/2/G, 15 Jul 44
Leo J. Powers 34/133, 3 Feb 44
Paul F. Riordan 34/133, 3-8 Feb 44
Furman L. Smith 34/135, 31 May 44 [3]
Ted T. Tanouye 34/442/3/K, 7 Jul 44
Thomas W. Wigle 34/135, 14 Sep 44 [3]

1. The Japanese-American 442nd "Go For Broke" Regimental Combat Team and its 100th "Purple Heart" Infantry Battalion were assigned or attached to the 34th Infantry Division (Naples-Foggia, Rome-Arno, Anzio).
3. William G. Kreger, A Condensed History of the 135th Infantry from Gettysburg to the Po, N.p., 1951.
4. http://valor.militarytimes.com

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