Historical Reference

The 34th Infantry Division has a proud history of service to our country during eras of two world wars and the global war on terror.


WWI Battle Honors


Station List - 34th Division.pdf
135th Infantry Regiment


April 1- MG Ryder Commendation, General Order Number 8, MG Bradley commentary
June 7- Shortcomings in Training S-2 Personnel


July 4- Beachhead News.pdf
Sept- Lessons Learned in Combat.pdf
Sept 29- History of the 133rd Infantry, 34th Infantry Division


The 34th Infantry Division, Louisiana to Pisa- text, pdf
The 34th Infantry Division, Pisa to Final Victory- text, pdf
The Thirty-Forth Infantry Division (red book).pdf
WWII Battle Honors
March 17- The Red Bulletin- pdf, text
April 7- The Red Bulletin.pdf
April 14- The Red Bulletin- pdf, text
April 21- The Red Bulletin- pdf, text
April 28- The Red Bulletin- pdf, text
May 1- German 34th Infantry Division Surrenders
May 1- Tunisian Operations, 168th Infantry.pdf
May 12- The Red Bulletin, text
May 19- The Red Bulletin, text
May 26- The Red Bulletin- pdf, text
June 2- The Red Bulletin, text
June 9- The Red Bulletin, text
June 16- The Red Bulletin, text
June 23- The Red Bulletin, text
June 30- The Red Bulletin, text
July 16- Operational Instructions 83, 34th Infantry Division Shifted to British Eighth Army
July 25- Operational Instructions 84, 133rd Infantry on Police Detail in Pola
July 25- Operational Instructions 85, 168th Infantry Relieves Jewish Brigade
Aug 9- Operational Instructions 86, 133rd Infantry Relieves 168th Infantry
Aug 10- Operational Instructions 87, 133rd Infantry on Police Detail in Gorizia
Sept 8- Operational Role for the 34th Division
Sept 12- Operational Instructions 88, 135th Infantry Relieves 133rd Infantry in Pola, Trieste
Sept 12- Operational Instructions 89, 34th Infantry Division Relieves 10th Indian Division
Sept 17- Operational Instructions 90, Seizing Illegally Owned Arms
Sept 19- Operational Instructions 91, Security Plan, Convoy Escorts
Sept 23- Operational Instructions 92, Movement to US, Relief by 88th Infantry Division
Sept 26- Operational Instructions 93, Guarding Captured Enemy Ammunition Dumps
Sept 29- Operational Instructions 94, Passing of Command to 88th Infantry Division
Oct. 5- French Unit Citation
Oct. 5- Unit Citation, General Order #259
Oct. 13- Champion Hard-Luck Division, Saturday Evening Post.pdf
Oct. 31- The Red Bulletin, pdf
Nov. 2- The Red Bulletin, pdf


Sping- The Iowa Militiaman, The Red Bull is Back.pdf


July, Greetings From Iraq, 1st Brigade Combat Team.wmv


March- The Red Bulls Ride, GX Magazine.pdf, (page 40)

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